Wizard Hockey is a competitive, travel, developmental team. Fun will always be a goal, but so also will be hard work, commitment to increased skill and ability, knowledge of hockey, and team play.
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The East Coast Wizards (www.eastcoastwizards.com) are hosting the Wizard Holiday Invitational girls U19 Tier 1 and U16 Tier 1 tournament. Each division will be a sixteen team tournament featuring strong teams from various regions across the US and Canada. 

The 2022 tournament will be held December 27th - 30th, 2022. Games will begin on Tuesday, December 27th and the tournament will conclude in the afternoon of December 30th.

For more tournament or registration information please contact

Michelle Palumbo
East Coast Wizards







East Coast Wizards Holiday Tournament Rules


Team will play all teams in their division with the top two finishers advancing to the Quarter Final round. Teams will receive 2 points for a win and 1 point for a tie. In the Quarter Finals the teams will cross-over and play the opposite finisher (#1 Division 1 vs. #2 Division 4,#1 Division 2 vs. #2 Division 3, etc.). The winners of the quarter final games will play in the semi-finals vs. winners in opposite bracket with the winners of those games playing in the final. Teams that don't qualify for the playoffs will play in a consolation game against the similarly ranked team in their bracket (#3 Division 1 vs. #3 Division 4,  etc).

 In case of a tie in the Quarter Final games the games will proceed directly into a 3 player shootout. If the game is still tied the shootout will continue as sudden death with new shooters until there is a winner. No player can shoot more than once until all players on her team have shot.

If Semi-final or Final games are tied at the end of regulation there will be a 5 minute sudden death overtime played 5 v 5. If the game remains tied there will be a 3 player shootout. If the game is still tied the shootout will continue as sudden death with new shooters until there is a winner. No player can shoot more than once until all players on her team have shot.

Time outs - There will be one 30 second timeout allowed per team in the Quarter Final, Semi-final and Final games only. There will be no time outs allowed in the Preliminary Round or consolation games.


Preliminary Round Tie Breaker Rules

In the case of a tie after the preliminary round, team rank will be determined by the following tie-breaking formulas applied to all games played. In order to break the tie, the following formulas will be followed until one rule determines the position of all teams that are tied.


  • Result of game played between tied teams
  • Most wins
  • Goal Differential
  • Least goals against.
  • Dividing the goals scored in these games by the goals scored against (GF divided by GA), the position being determined in order of the greatest quotient. A quotient involving dividing zero where two or more teams have no goals against and the quotient tie breaker is required, the teams shall be ranked high to low in descending order of "goals for".


Note: Forfeits - If a team forfeits any of its games, and their games become involved in any tie-breaking formula to determine who will advance to the next level of play, the team forfeits all games in the round robin play and the games are recorded as 1-0 victories for the non-offending team.


If the above procedure does not break the tie, then their position will be determined by the number of penalty minutes assessed in all games they played; their position being determined in order of the least penalty minutes. If the teams remained tied then a coin flip will determine the order of finish.




For more information please reply to:

Michelle Palumbo
East Coast Wizards
mpalumbo@theedgesportscenter.com mpalumbo@theedgesportscenter.com mpalumbo@theedgesportscenter.com


Location - The Edge Sports Center Bedford, Ma (26 miles from Logan airport in Boston and 43 miles from Manchester, NH airport). www.theedgesportscenter.com. The Edge Sports Center has a two ice sheets and two outdoor turf fields (with one full turf field under a bubble for the winter).

Format - 16 teams competing  in four divisions, with 4 games guaranteed for all teams including 3 game round robin, quarter final or consolation, semi-final and a final. All games will be 3 - 15 minute periods with stopped time.

Cost - $1,850

With a Boston area location this is a top college recruiting event. 

We would like to thank the following colleges for attending the 2021 Holiday Invitational. We had over 40 colleges and over 60 coaches sign in during the tournament. There may have been a few more here that did not sign in. The list of attending college is below.


Amherst College
Anna Maria
Brown University
Colby College
Connecticut College
Curry College
Franklin Pierce
Holy Cross
Hoosac School
Kings College
Milwaukee School of Engineering
Nazareth College
Noble and Greenough School
Northeastern University
Penn State
Rivier University
Salem State
Southern Maine 
SUNY Cortland
The Hill School
Umass Boston
Union College
Western New England
Wilkes University
Williams College
Worcester State University