Wizard Hockey is a competitive, travel, developmental team. Fun will always be a goal, but so also will be hard work, commitment to increased skill and ability, knowledge of hockey, and team play.
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Tryout information for the 2019-2020 is posted below.  Players must register online by using the link below and should plan to attend all tryout sessions. In some cases player numbers maybe reduced during the tryout process and sessions maybe added or deleted depending on the player pool. Players should register and attend the tryout for their correct birth year. Boys teams are by birth year except for U16 (2004 and 2003) and U18 (2002, 2001). Girls age groups are listed below.


If there are multiple times listed for a tryout players will be notified by email prior to each session what time to attend.


Please contact Hayley Moore at for questions regarding girls tryouts and Bobby Jay at regarding boys tryouts.


Girls age groups for the 2019 - 2020 season are below. Boys play by birth year.

U8 - 2011 and younger

U10 - 2009, 2010

U12 - 2007, 2008

U14 - 2005, 2006

U16 - 2003, 2004

U19 - 2000, 2001, 2002




Please use the following links for tryout registration



2019/2020 Boys’ tryout link: http://assn.la/Reg/?r=1:256179


2019/2020 Girls’ tryout link: http://assn.la/Reg/?r=1:256180




2019 Tryouts Boys
  Lower         Upper  
Date Start Time Team     Date Start Time Team
          Sun 3/3 4:50-5:50pm 2011
            6:00-7:00pm 2009
Mon 3/4 5:00-5:55pm 2012     Mon 3/4 4:50-5:45pm 2008
            5:55-6:50pm 2008
            7:00-7:55pm 2006
            8:05-9:00pm 2006
Tues 3/5 5:00-5:55pm 2007     Tues 3/5    
  6:05-7:00pm 2007       5:55-6:50pm 2010
  7:10-8:05pm 2008          
  8:15-9:10pm 2008          
Wed 3/6 5:00-5:55pm 2007     Wed 3/6 4:50-5:45pm 2012
  6:05-7:00pm 2007       5:55-6:50pm 2009
            7:00-7:55pm 2006
            8:05-9:00pm 2006
Thu 3/7 5:00-5:55pm 2011     Thu 3/7 4:50-5:45pm 2010
Tues 3/12 5:00-5:55pm 2012          
Wed 4/10 5:45-7:00pm U14 Boys          
Thurs 4/11              
  6:05-7:00pm U16 Boys          
  7:10-8:05pm U16 Boys          
  8:15-9:10pm U18 Boys          
          Fri 4/12 5:55-6:50pm U14 Boys
            7:00-7:55pm U16 Boys
            8:05-9:00pm U16 Boys
          Sun 4/14 4:20-5:20pm U14 Boys*
            5:30-6:30pm U16 Boys*
*if necessary            



2019 Tryouts Girls
  Lower         Upper  
Date Start Time Team     Date Start Time Team
Mon 3/11 5:00-5:55pm U8     Mon 3/11 4:50-5:50pm U10
            6:00-7:00pm U12
            7:10-8:10pm U12
Wed 3/13 5:00-5:55pm U8     Wed 3/13 4:50-5:50pm U10
            6:00-7:00pm U12
            7:10-8:10pm U12
Thurs 3/14 5:00-6:10pm U10          
  6:20-7:30pm U12          
  7:40-9:00pm U12          
          Mon 3/18 6:00-7:00pm U12
            7:10-8:10pm U12
          Wed 4/10 5:55-6:50pm U14 Girls
            7:00-7:55pm U14 Girls
          Thurs 4/11 6:00-7:00pm U14 Girls
            7:10-8:10pm U14 Girls
Sat 4/13 2:10-3:10pm U14 Girls          
  3:10-3:40pm U14 Girls Goalies        
  3:50-4:50pm U14 Girls          
  5:00-6:00pm U16 Girls          
  6:10-7:10pm U16 Girls          
  7:20-8:40pm U19 Girls          
Sun 4/14 8:00-9:00am U16 Girls          
  9:00-9:45am U16 Girls Goalies        
  9:55-10:55am U16 Girls          
  11:05am-12:40pm U19 Girls        
  12:50-1:50pm U14 Girls          
  2:00-3:00pm U14 Girls