Wizard Hockey is a competitive, travel, developmental team. Fun will always be a goal, but so also will be hard work, commitment to increased skill and ability, knowledge of hockey, and team play.
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Tony  Andreozzi 2000   Brown
Liam  Gorman 2000   BU
Aiden  Porter 1999   Princeton
Teddy  Wooding 1999   Yale
Jerry  Harding 1999   Providence
Michael Armstrong 1998   Williams
Joey MacDonald 1998   Colby
RJ Murphy 1998   Harvard
Charlie Lawrence 1998   Middlebury
DeSimone 1998   Villanova
Jonathan  Folsom 1998   St Anslem
Sam Hesler 1998   Dartmouth
Frank Boie 1998   Holy Cross
Jack  McCool 1998   Williams
Christian O'Neill 1998   Princeton
Michael Young 1998   Yale
Eric Butte 1997   West Point
Michael Snow 1997   Curry
Drew Michaels 1995   Middlebury
Nolan Vesey 1995   Maine
Will Golonka 1995   UConn
Connor Hegarty 1995   Trinity
Patrick  Wrenn 1995   Umass-Dartmouth
James McGlaughlin 1994   Amherst
Michael Leary 1994   Tufts
Matt Melanson 1994   Bowdoin
Nick Bligh 1993   Dartmouth
Gustin Sean 1993   Holy Cross
Michael Najjar 1993   Middlebury
Matt Pugh 1993   Tufts
Jimmy  Vesey 1993   Harvard
Joe  Welch 1993   Williams
Joe Czarnota 1993   St Anselm